xxcollinxx (xxcollinxx) wrote in teenagevoid,


I'm basically invisible,I read alot and barely talk. I used to cut but I haven't in like a month so that's good. I have borderline personality disorder. I am actually a really nice person but people make fun of me all the time. When I try to talk to people I open my mouth but no sound comes out. No one listens to me anyway. That's pretty much me...

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March 14 2009, 22:20:45 UTC 9 years ago

you shouldn`t identify yourself only with that :C I`m sorry for you. But I think you are strong, because you stopped cutting yourself!
If you like to read, perhaps you could write something and express yourself through that.
oh my gah. i used to cut too. and i feel the same way too about people not listening thats why i just bother not to say anything.
I don't cut but I do know what it is like to be invisible. I read a lot too and don't talk a lot when people first meet me. It sucks but, what can you do? It is just the way you are and you can try and change but in the end you will always revert back to who you really are. I am telling you this, but I do not practice it. I should probably follow my own advice.