Ellie (ellie_lawl_7) wrote in teenagevoid,

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...painfully shyyy....

hi. my name is ellie. im painfully shyy... but i dont think ive ever been diagnosed with anything. but then again, ive never been to a doctor for anything like that. but ya anyway... i push everyone away, so much that i get in trouble from my mom for "being rude" although i was just being shy. she gets mad at me because i dont talk loud enough. i have a really mousy voice and i dont like yelling at all. it hurts my ears....i hate rejection, i hate talking to new people because if they are different than me then i am afraid that they will make fun of me. people have been making fun of me my entire life and ive never had any chance to escape the torment and the bullying. and all of the people i go to school with i have gone to school with my whole life and their whole life, so they remember all the crap they all used to say about me. it sucksss.....
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Hi Ellie! My name is Erik! Nice to meet you.
oh mii gah. i totally feel the same way thats crazy. you're me. btw my name's bridget. im from texas, we should talk. =]]