whoisjessica (whoisjessica) wrote in teenagevoid,

the pale white of nothing

it seems the boat we ride is not appreciated, and why should it be?
i like speaking in metaphors sometimes

its Jess. my name is one of the many things about me that don't stand out, along with my plain brown hair. and, well everything else
it doesn't help that i suck at talking to people
and yet i work as a checkout operator
ironic that is

i don't do anything, and perhaps that is where i can compare, this community stops me from dispare (?) my writing becomes far too creative sometimes

anyway im here because like others, i feel like nobody, in my day i do nothing notable, and i have no proper friends where i live now, the friends i had in my old hometown are slowly fading away, its to be said that i am not entirely blameless in this though.
oh well i should go and do nothing, as usual

just jess
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